Beasiswa Van Deventer-Maas Indonesia Scholarship 2019

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Welcome to the pre-registration of the Van Deventer-Maas Indonesia (VDMI) scholarship. To be eligible for a Van Deventer-Maas Indonesia scholarship, you must:

  1. Be talented and active in organization or community
  2. Have a minimum 3.00 GPA/IPK in the last odd semester
  3. Not in the last year of your study program
  4. Age not more than 27
  5. From underprivileged (tidak mampu) family (can provide Surat Keterangan Tidak Mampu from Kelurahan)
  6. Study in a certain discipline (excluding Law, Politics and Religion (or Theology))
  7. Make sure your institute is on the list of YVDMI partners on
  8. At least have one active email address
  9. Register yourself through this website to apply the scholarship
  10. Able to complete and submit the required documents

Pre-registration Steps

Please read the instruction below carefully before filling up your online application form.


Please download the manual book and list of required documents form before registration. Then submit your email address in the box below, a form application shall appear and you have to complete it.

IMPORTANT! Please ensure that your email address, all application data, and availability of required documents are correct before submitted. You cannot Edit/Modify/Re-enter your registered email address and application data once you click SUBMIT button.

We will process the selection starting on the step one. If you are not eligible, then your application will be rejected directly and if you do not receive any email up to May 2019, we regret to say that you dropped out of the selection.


If you receive an email with link attached, it means you are selected to proceed to the step two. You must complete the step two of online application and submit the complete required documents to the Person In Charge* in your university with certain of deadline.

  1. Surat Keterangan Tidak Mampu (SKTM) or Recommendation letter which stating your family’s economy condition from the School/University (Rector/Dean/Head of Study Program Department).
  2. The latest academic transcript / IPK (> 3.00)
  3. Parents’/guardians’ official income statement (for Institution/Private officers) at least the last 2 months.
  4. Parents’/guardians’ statement of work & income (for Entrepreneur) signed & sealed with Rp.6.000 and legalized by Kelurahan.
  5. Copies of KTM, KTP and Family Card (KK)
  6. Bank Account (the front page of your bank book) – only for selected students(final result). no need to attached in required document. 
  7. Electricity bill (at least the last 2 months bill)
  8. An essay about yourself (including family, study, social activities), why YVDMI have to choose you to be one of the grantees, what is the advantage for you, if you were chosen as grantee; and what will you do for the society, after you received the scholarship. (Minimum 1,5 pages of A4, Font:   Palatyno Linotype, font size 11 and 1 spacing).

*Your Person In Charge (PIC) name and contact is stated in the poster or flyer in your institute.

You must submit these required documents along with the form that you had downloaded on step one.

Download here!

YVDMI Manual Book
List of required document

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